CrossFit Classes

Muscle Up

A fully programmed group class for members who have graduated from the foundations programme and experienced CrossFitters. All classes are fully coached and will typically comprise a warm-up, some strength training, skill work and high intensity conditioning.
(If you are new to CrossFit you will have to undertake the CrossFit Foundations course first – see below.)

CrossFit Foundations

If you are new to CrossFit you will join our 3 week


introductory programme. There are two classes a week to learn the fundamental CrossFit moves and improve your fitness.

Personal Training

Ring Dip

Whether you are time stretched or have some very specific needs, personal training is the perfect way to reach your goals quickly.

To discuss your requirements and arrange a complimentary consultation contact Christine on 07776 185 346/

For specialist CrossFit competition coaching contact Scott on 07903 320 902/


CrossFit T-Shirts

We are a very friendly box and welcome visitors. If you are visiting the area and want to join us for a class please contact