CrossFit Blackwater

Witham’s Premier CrossFit Gym

CrossFit Blackwater is Witham’s premier strength and conditioning gym, providing small group exercise classes and personal training.

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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is ‘the sport of fitness’, designed to continuously improve your fitness so that your everyday life gets easier and so you can be more awesome at everything.

“Who are the lucky ones being coached by Scott Jenkins, I’m considering moving to Witham!!”
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Choose Life.

CrossFit Blackwater (Witham's premier CrossFit gym) sees Scott Jenkins and Simon Wilson-Storey after hitting 15.1 together. Two of Europe's top over-45 CrossFitters .
Two of Europe’s top over-45 CrossFitters after just finishing 15.1 in the gym

Good posture, lifting weight and developing good movement patterns will retain your muscle mass, strengthen your bones, protect your joints, stabilise your blood pressure and keep you well and active throughout your life.

We’re not aiming to give you a toned beach ready body – that’s just a happy side effect of enjoying the classes. You’ll feel and be the fittest you have ever been – whatever your background.

When should I start?

Right now – there’s no need to go down the gym to get fit enough to join CrossFit Blackwater. We specialise in being able to take you from the couch and gradually get you doing the things you wouldn’t have believed to be possible.

I’ve never felt at home at a gym…how is CrossFit different?

Olympic lifting - a clean and jerk in a CrossFit class.
Class working on clean and jerk at Witham’s premier CrossFit gym.

Unlike most gyms, there are no buttons to press or dials to turn – the most complicated equipment in the gym is YOU. We’ll take you through a foundations course where you’ll learn the basic movements, but it doesn’t stop there – every CrossFit session is an opportunity to learn something new – our experienced coaches will guide you through the moves and how to adapt them to suit you. We don’t make anyone do anything they are not ready for.

Can I bring a friend?

You’re more than welcome to bring a gym buddy, but you’ll soon realise you’re always with friends – we know everyone by name and what you’re striving for. You’ll be cheering and being cheered on by a community that wants you to succeed.

Do I need to live at the gym to get better at it?

Just two or three sessions a week at the gym and you’ll see amazing improvements to your fitness and energy levels. The more unfit you were, the more shocked you’ll be at your progress!

Is it expensive?

Jeff doing a back squat at CrossFit Blackwater's gym in Witham, Essex
Hitting some back squats at Witham’s premiere CrossFit gym.

If you’re worried about costs – DON’T. Unlike most gyms, there are no tie-ins – if you want to pause or go more or less frequently, you just need to let us know.

People keep coming back because they enjoy it and they enjoy the results – everyone who has walked through our doors knows the value of our training and coaching system. Check out our testimonials or talk to any of our members!

What have you got to lose?

If you’re worried about losing your pride – don’t be – CrossFit is a humbling experience for EVERYONE, but it will give you pride in spades as you develop. Step through our gym’s door and a year from now you’ll be wishing you’d joined sooner.

Enough already, how do I have a go?

The only way to really know ‘What is CrossFit’ is to try Witham’s premier CrossFit gym for yourself. 

Try it out!

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Become the most awesome version of you.

Become the most awesome version of you.