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The benefits of CrossFit

CrossFit focuses on the movements we make in our everyday lives, such as sitting, walking, lifting and carrying. By building on these movements CrossFit helps us become fitter, faster and stronger, now and in the future.

Most of the exercises you’ll perform at CrossFit are taken from other sports, such as Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, track and rowing. With such a variety, CrossFit offers something for everyone.

Join the fun

CrossFit Blackwater is a vibrant community of like-minded members who want to improve their long-term fitness. Enjoy the benefits of working out together, make new friends and push yourself and others to improve your health and wellness, fitness and stamina.

What to expect

All our CrossFit classes are led by trained, certified coaches and last 60 minutes. Each session begins with a warmup followed by clear movement instructions and a demonstration of the workout.

To help everyone make progress and to feel comfortable with the training, the coach observes and modifies each individual’s movements and scales or modifies the exercises depending on each person’s ability.

Each class ends with a cool down and recovery.

CrossFit Teens

Whatever your athletic ability we welcome all teens to join in the fun at our strength and conditioning classes, with scaleable workouts led by our fully trained coaches.

Boost your confidence, make new friends and establish a lifetime love of fitness.

If you’re aged between 12-15 come and experience what CrossFit has to offer.

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