Coach Scott

Coach: Scott Jenkins

  • CrossFit Games Athlete (2015 and 2016 Masters Finalist)
  • 16th CrossFit Games Masters 45-49, 2016
  • 9th CrossFit Games Masters 45-49, 2015Coach Scott Jenkins
  • L-1 CrossFit Certificate Holder
  • Winner French Throwdown Masters, 2013 and 2014
  • Winner Raising The Bar European Masters 40-45, 2014
  • 5th CrossFit Games Open Masters 40-45, 2014
  • 24th CrossFit Games Masters Qualifiers 40-45, 2014
  • Winner Manchester Games, 2010
  • 20th CrossFit Games Individual European Regional, 2010
  • 4th CrossFit Games Individual European Regional, 2009
  • Winner Ireland Invitational, 2009

Scott’s background is in bodybuilding and showjumping. He began lifting weights in his bedroom at 12 and went on to compete in the Association of Natural Bodybuilders for 10 years taking the title of South East Overall Champion and placing 3rd in the British Championships.

He discovered CrossFit in 2008 and followed main page programming at his local globo. Since then, Scott has developed into one of Europe’s top masters CrossFit Athletes. His current target is to win the CrossFit Games Masters 45-49 in 2016.

Scott specialises in coaching excellent movement patterns in both competitive and recreational CrossFit athletes and is an expert on competition strategy.

L-1 CrossFit Certificate Holder French Throwdown Raising the Bar CrossFit Games 2014 CrossFit Games 2010 CrossFit Games 2009


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