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Scott Jenkins – Eating for Performance

Eating for Performance

I get asked a lot what I eat, how much and how often. To answer this properly I decided to blog a day of my eating to give you an idea of how clean, how many calories and what I need to keep me going during my training for The CrossFit Games.


I need to eat as soon as I wake up – before I can speak to be honest. Nothing comes out of my mouth until something goes in. Today I started with oats, chopped banana and walnuts. This is my usual breakfast on weekdays. On weekends it’s more likely to be eggs and bacon on toast.


Most mornings I coach before doing my training so I hit up an extra bit of protein (and fat I am told) with a couple of eggs. If I coach at 10am and then train until 1pm it’s a long time to go without food so I try and get two breakfasts.


Post training

Kindly donated to my daily food today was a box of chilli meat (I didn’t ask what animal) and some broad beans and peas. I have this about half an hour after training, once my stomach has settled from the gruelling met con – eat too soon and bad things can happen!


This is my all day box. Chicken, broccoli, rice with pesto sauce. I have a munch on this sporadically throughout the day and evening, just a couple of forkfuls at a time. I hope forkfuls is a word…


Dinner time

About 6pm, before doing my evenings coaching, it’s time for the cooked dinner. This varies depending on what I am given. Todays dinner looks much prettier than usual.  I told Jen I was taking pictures so for the first time ever it’s all laid out neatly on my plate :).



Not to forget my BCAAs and Omega 3s. I’ve really noticed the effect on my recovery and knee soreness since supplementing with these. They allow me to go really hard every single session and be ready to smash another workout the next day.


I’m a big believer in not bulling anyone. Nothing beats a nice cold Kestrel super to relax and chill with after a night of coaching.