What Is CrossFit Really Like For Beginners?

CrossFit newbie, Sam, tells all…

“Just over a month ago, I walked into CrossFit Blackwater for the first time not really knowing what to expect. I’d heard a number of stories from various people who all had their own interpretations of CrossFit classes (some were more frightening than others) so to tell you the truth, I was nervous. I knew going into the foundation classes that I hadn’t done much exercise in a while and was anxious about the prospect of having to lift heavy weights!

What really sticks in my mind about my initial class was the fact that I didn’t have to introduce myself. The moment I walked through the door Scott, one of the coaches, was there asking if my name was Sam and if I was looking forward to what lay ahead. I felt more relaxed immediately and ready to take on the workout…

First up were squats! For something as simple as front squatting with a bar you wouldn’t think there would be too many problems, however, during this exercise it was pointed out to me that I had tight Achilles as my heels kept lifting from the floor as I carried out the movement. I was given a weight to stand on to counteract this and over time the hope is that I will be able to squat properly without assistance. I realised that had I have just gone to the gym and carried out these movements on my own, I would never have known I was doing it wrong!

As well as that bit of much needed guidance, I am enjoying doing similar exercises to those that I’d do at other fitness gyms, except there aren’t any over complicated machines (apart from the two rowing machines in the corner).

There is a real community spirit at CrossFit Blackwater and you soon find yourself shouting words of encouragement at each other. By doing the foundation classes as a group, it soon becomes apparent that you are not expected to walk in and know it all, if anything, everyone is in exactly the same boat and just willing to learn!

So long as you are prepared to push yourself and work hard for the results you recognise that you are in fact competing against your last score as opposed to the person next you!

What’s really impressed me about the style of coaching at CrossFit Blackwater is that Scott and Christine won’t let you move up in weight unless you’ve nailed the technique. This is essential as there is no point lifting your bodyweight if you’re not doing it properly.

In this short space of time I’ve already begun to see results in my fitness and strength. Admittedly, there have been times where I have wanted to pass out, throw up or walk away but it has definitely been worth it and with everyone’s words of encouragement I leave every session feeling energised and raring for more!”