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Our Witham Gym talks CrossFit

What is CrossFit like for beginners?

The technical definition of CrossFit is “constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity.”

It is a technique used by elite athletes and the military so why should you, as a beginner, consider coming to our gym in Witham, Essex?

CrossFit is designed to prepare you for everything and anything – this could be swinging your child around or carrying heavy shopping from a collection point to the boot of your car – all pretty much day to day stuff!

Whilst your high level athletes do use CrossFit to condition their bodies you cannot forget what CrossFit is all about… a technique that is entirely scalable so it suits everyone from a new mother to an Olympic athlete. They can even work out next to each other doing the same exercise because we can scale the weight and repetitions to suit them whilst the programs themselves stay the same.

We know CrossFit has a reputation for being difficult and intense and something well out of the reach of a novice but that is simply not true. Our Essex gym benefits from two instructors who understand how CrossFit works and have been part of the CrossFit family for years, competing in the world championships whilst gaining an understanding for the body so they know what you should and should not be doing. We can promise you that when you join our gym in Witham you will meet some of the friendliest, most genuine people you have even had the pleasure of meeting that work together as a team, building the feeling of camaraderie that most of us have lost since we left school.

We strive to give adults a new way to socialize, get fit and learn in a positive environment where you bond with others and actually have fun!

Our instructors will show you how to safely carry out each and every exercise and how to prepare your body for any challenges you wish to set yourself.

But wait a second… before you glug down that CrossFit Kool-aid, there are a few things to consider.

What are you hoping to achieve?

Determine what your goals are; have you just moved to the Witham/Maldon area and you are hoping to make friends? Do you want to get fitter? Lose weight?

Do your research.

Before you go to a CrossFit gym you really must ask what the credentials of the instructors are… look for somewhere that has years experience, not months.

Try it out!

Go along for a taster session and see what you think. We can promise you that when you visit us you will get bitten by the bug!

So if you live or work in Maldon, Braintree or Witham and are looking for a new challenge, please get in touch to find out how CrossFit will change your life for the better!


Bench Press 10-10-10-10-10-10

Supersetted with

Dumbel Rows 15-15-15-15-15-15

Do one arm after each set of bench, left, right, left etc…..

Conditioning EMOM 10

10 Burpee box jumps

rest 2 minutes

Conditioning 2

3 rounds for time:

20 Wall balls
20 Pull Ups