CrossFit Blackwater: Why CrossFit is Great for Runners!

CrossFit can benefit everybody. Regardless of your shape, size, age or fitness ability, it’s all about basic exercises involving body resistance, aerobics, weight lifting and other high-intensity movements. However it has proven to be particularly beneficial for those who have a fondness of running – and here’s why!

Running is a great way of keeping fit, however the repetitive movement, which uses mostly your legs, can cause the rest of your body to become unbalanced. Running as your only form of exercise can also lead to workout “plateaus”, meaning runners have to run harder and faster each time to maintain their level of fitness.

One of the great benefits of CrossFit is that it uses your whole body rather than isolated muscle groups, which strengthens important areas needed to make you a better runner. Our CrossFit workouts train both your fast-twitch muscles (used for sprinting) and slow-twitch muscles (used for long distance running). Further to this, working your whole body will help you to lose body fat, which can improve endurance and speed. It also ensures you remain in proper form, preventing any injuries during your runs.

If running is your main focus, you can use CrossFit as a supplement and do it as and when it fits in with your schedule – maybe two or three times a week. When you aren’t training you can increase your sessions as and when you please.

Here at CrossFit Blackwater in Witham, we love welcoming new members through our doors and adapting our CrossFit workout routines to suit a whole range of people. Once the basic movements are under your belt, our coaches will help you to focus on what’s most important to you, so that you can start reaching your goals straight away.

Whatever sports you enjoy, or even if you have never been a lover of exercise, at our gym in Essex you can start your journey into becoming fitter, stronger and feeling generally great about yourself and your body. If you’d like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with CrossFit coaches for more information or book yourself onto one of our free taster classes to jump straight in!

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CrossFit Workouts: Why Intensity Matters!

When looking to make better progress with a workout, people often choose to increase the volume of their training. Although this may seem like the obvious option, the key to pushing your progress and getting the best out of yourself is actually by increasing the intensity of your CrossFit workouts.

Intensity is defined as a measure of power, in terms of how much work or force is exerted over a particular time period. Intensity is the single most common variable associated with getting results from your CrossFit workout routine – in other words, it’s what makes us stronger, faster and fitter.

Despite what many people may think, intensity does not increase directly as a result of increasing volume. In fact, most of the time, increasing the volume of your workout will actually decrease intensity. For example, if you do five sets of back squats followed by 2 or 3 short bursts of other sets, it’s unlikely you’re going to be lifting as heavily as you could be across each of these movements.

During your training here at CrossFit Blackwater, your sessions should be completed with as much intensity as possible, dependent on the technique. Of course, every day is different and you will never be forced to do anything you aren’t comfortable with. We are committed to helping you get the best out of yourself and your workouts, and our experienced CrossFit coaches will guide you through the moves and how to adapt them to suit you.

Every day at our gym in Witham, there is a chance to maximise your effort, improve your mental strength and push your physical thresholds to their limits. The key to an intense workout is through reducing rest periods and cutting down on the number of breaks you take.

When it comes to our CrossFit workouts, nothing should feel “too easy”. If it does – you’re probably not doing it right or you’re not pushing yourself hard enough!

If you aren’t already a member of Witham’s premier strength and conditioning gym, get in touch today to book your spot on our free CrossFit taster class. We can guarantee you will enjoy it and get a whole lot fitter, as well as profit from all the health benefits it brings with it.


Push Press – 3-3-2-2-1-1 – build to a heavy single

Conditioning 1

3 rounds, 3 mins on, 3 mins rest

6, 9, 12, 15, 18 …. reps of:

Thrusters 42.5/30k
Toes to bar


EMOM 10: Burpees – make it challenging. At least one more than you’ve done before.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Join a CrossFit Gym in Essex

5 Reasons Why You Should Join a CrossFit Gym in Essex

There’s a common misunderstanding among most gym goers that CrossFit is ineffective, unsafe and should be left well alone; but that is where you are completely wrong. If you really knew what CrossFit was about you’d understand that it is incredibly rewarding and gives you the confidence to perform activities you never thought were possible. Here are a number of reasons why you should join our gym in Essex and start training today:

  1. Even though CrossFit is considered an intensive sport, intensity is relative to your own physical and psychological limitations. Many individuals are of the understanding that you need to be in good shape before you start training, but once again that is not the case and I’m afraid you have been ill informed. Studies have in fact proven that short, sharp exercises are actually better for you and should not be daunting.


  1. Unlike many fitness programs, you are able to see the results early on in your training regime and it’s this measurable data which drives you on to improve further. There is no hiding away from your weaknesses when training at our gym. Working in harmony with our trainers, you are able to quickly discover what they are, attack them head on and become a better all-round athlete as a result. In most cases, the more unfit you are to begin with, the more you’ll be amazed by the initial results and your progress. Here at CrossFit Blackwater, we suggest training two or three times a week, that’s all!


  1. Previously, I mentioned that many gym goers believe that CrossFit workouts are dangerous and the intensity at which people exercise is enough to leave you in a heap on the floor! Well, firstly I’ll point out that is where you are wrong! CrossFit allows you to train multiple metabolic systems (opposed to just one like in most sports) and you we are able to preserve your muscle mass, toughen your bones and support your joints. Coupled with a nutritional diet, you will feel better about yourself, perform to a higher standard and give yourself extra energy, even as you get older!


  1. One thing most people don’t realise is that it’s not all about fitness; CrossFit is also very community focused. Understandably, you may feel slightly intimidated at first, but you’ll quickly start to realise how supportive we all are here at CrossFit Blackwater. Each of our incredibly experienced CrossFit trainers make a point of knowing everyone by their name and their ultimate goal as it’s this relationship which makes training here fun and enjoyable. You’ll never have to work out alone again!


  1. Last but not least, our gym in Essex offers you something no other gym can offer: at CrossFit Blackwater you have the chance to learn from and train beside the very best in Europe, Scott Jenkins. I mean need I go on? The only way you are ever going to know how rewarding CrossFit is, is by signing up to Witham’s premier CrossFit gym and trying it for yourself!



Jeff & Pete seeing who can wear the most CrossFit gear during Mondays Push Press


Deadlifts – 5-5-5-5-5 – Linear progression


5 minute amrap:

10 Deadlifts 80/50k
10 Bar Hop Burpees

rest 2 mins

5 minute amrap:

10 Wall Balls
10 Abmat Sit ups


Tabata Core Holds