Open WODs

Open week 4 and review of 15.3

Review of 15.3

More mixed feelings about 15.3.  The triplet of muscle ups, wall balls and double unders has been a popular offering over the last few years.  The difference of a 7 muscle up opener ruled a number of us out of the Rx WOD immediately and prompted a few to wish that they had dedicated more time to practicing this skill over the last year!  The scaled (or over scaled imho) alternative was a 14 min low skill bootcamp effort of light wall balls and single unders.  Nevertheless it certainly exposed my current lack of conditioning!

Matt C muscle up in 15.3
Matt C muscle up in 15.3

This weeks spirit of the open award goes to Matt C.  Despite being a bit tentative about his muscle ups, when he heard 3,2,1, go he pulled something extra out of the bag and ended up nailing 10 muscle ups in total.  Matt is also a really positive and encouraging personality around the box.  He always gets involved cheering on other athletes and offering words of encouragement.  Great work Matt!

_MG_0436_edited-2Technique hound is Steve again this week.  Beautiful muscle ups even under pressure.

Most bizarre behaviour in a WOD goes to Gaz for the abnormal quantity of liquid he managed to consume in 14 minutes.

This was a tough week for the girls.  We all attempted to get a muscle up but only Sam was successful.  After getting her confidence going on the first attempt she came back on Sunday to score 14 muscle ups.  Her score on 15.3 is in the top 500 women in Europe – well done Sam!  Lindsey won the scaled WOD by a significant margin with her superior conditioning and speedy singles.

Scott muscle up 15.3
Scott muscle up 15.3

Scott continues his dominant performance in the 45+ competition.  Once again he place first in Europe leaving him in first overall in Europe and 7th worldwide after 3 weeks.




Same format as previous weeks.  What will come out of the hopper this time?

As always, questions and strategy advice available from Scott via Facebook and come down and join in the fun on Friday evening.

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Open WODs

Open Week 3 and review of 15.2

Review of 15.2

15.2 bought quite a different mood to the box this week.  The combination of two potentially tricky movements, the pressure of meeting the 3 minute cut offs and chasing last year’s scores led to some nervousness and anxiety.

A few were chasing phenomenal scores laid down in 14.2 with others of us striving for full depth overhead squats, first pull-ups or chest to bars.

Jeff doing a back squat at CrossFit Blackwater, Witham Essex
Jeff hitting some back squats

First up this week is Jeff for his contribution to the spirit of the open.  Jeff started CrossFitting in January and was on Blackwater’s very first Foundation course.  Jeff has made amazing progress and is a great presence in classes with his positive attitude.  Although he hasn’t entered into the open (this year!) he has been 100% behind all of our members who are competing.  Jeff has spent two long sessions at the box with his camera capturing action shots of the athletes hitting the open workouts.  Thank you Jeff!

PR’s for this week: Frances and Giles for successfully achieving 29kg overhead squats after loads of mobilising and shouting and Lindsey with her first pull-up.  None of these PR’s were flukes – all 3 have been working hard at these moves with mobility exercises and eccentric strength training.

Crazy burpee lady and grumpy cat go head to head
Crazy burpee lady and grumpy cat go head to head

Huge respect to all of the other athletes who were technically strong and had endure the pain cave of multiple rounds.  There were a lot of sore legs around the box at the beginning of the week!

News of the CrossFit Blackwater Sunday grandad throwdown seems to be spreading as we were delighted to welcome Andy Collings to join fellow old boys Scott and Simon this week.  So, for anyone who has a penchant for 45+ sweaty men with six packs – Witham on Sunday lunchtime is THE place to be.

Top lady this week, Sam, and Scott takes the win for the boys… with Gaz in close second only 8 reps behind.  Great work guys – let’s kill 15.3!

Open WOD 15:3

Same format as last week. Come along and join in the great atmosphere as we hit 15.3.

Dave Castro's attempt to upset Scott
Dave Castro’s attempt to upset Scott

Dave Castro has been upsetting people with his pistol/double under teaser.  Let’s wait and see what actually comes up before hitting the panic button…

If you have any questions during the day fire them at me on the CrossFit Blackwater FB page and I will help you out with tactics, decisions on weights or just advise when others will be there to cheer you on.

See you tonight.


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CrossFit Open Preparation Day

Open Preparation Day

The first workout of the 2015 CrossFit Open will be announced this evening at 5pm Pacific time.  Unfortunately for us that equates to 2am on Friday morning but for any night owls you can catch the live announcement at

For the duration of the open season, each workout will be programmed for everybody in the Friday class.  You will also have the option to do the workout in the Monday class if you missed your chance on Friday.  Scores must be submitted AND VERIFIED by late Monday evening so if you hit the WOD on Monday evening be sure to input your scores straight away.  We won’t be staying up until 1am to verify scores!



This will be done with main emphasis on movement. Thrusters can be made a lot easier with a few tweaks.

Muscle ups/Pull ups/Toes to bar practice – Use this as a chance to improve movements you are having trouble with. Ask questions and let us coach you towards your goals faster.

6 minute amrap:

10 Burpees
10 Box Jumps 30/24
10 Swings 32/20

rest 2 mins

6 minute amrap:

6 Burpees
6 Box Jumps 30/24
6 Swings 32/20

Feel free to use this session as a mobilisation and preparation day for tomorrow.



The Open is Coming


The biggest event in a CrossFitter’s calendar is now only 2 days away!  If you are entered for the CrossFit Open take the opportunity to deload before hitting 15.1 in Friday’s class.  Focus on quality of movement and getting some coaching on movements which you struggle with and are likely to come up.

You are not going to make any significant fitness gains before Friday so approach the metcons sensibly, get a good stimulus but don’t smash yourself to pieces.  Check with your coach for scaling options if you are tapering down towards Friday.

If you have any niggles or tight spots use the next two days to really hit them – there are foam rollers, lacrosse balls and plenty of bands at the box.  Ask your coach for help if you need any assistance with mobility exercises.

In addition, get plenty of rest, make sure you are keeping well hydrated and try to eat clean unprocessed food.  Marginal gains – every little helps!

Approaching the Open workouts is slightly different to a normal training session.  There are strategies that can help you achieve your best score.  See coach Scott for advice once 15.1 has been released.

Watch how measured Scott is with Amanda – this was one of last year’s master’s qualifiers.


Push Press


Warm up two sets then build to a heavy 2 reps.

Bent Over Rows


Maintain strict no torso movement. Slow up slow down.

12 minute amrap:

5 Power Cleans 65/42.5k
10 Toes to bar
15 Wall Balls 9/6k