CrossFit Blackwater: 4 Reasons Why Push-Ups Make You Awesome!

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At our CrossFit gym, the term “push-up” can instill an almighty fear in some people, mainly because they aren’t easy to master! Although often associated with warm-ups or as an accessory exercise, push-ups actually have a number of benefits as a functional strength exercise. So here are just a few reasons why you should maybe give push-ups another chance and see them as a great way to enhance your strength and fitness, rather than view them as something to dread…

Increased functional strength due to full body use.

In order to execute a good push-up, you have to use every major muscle group in the body. Your biceps, triceps, anterior deltoids and core muscles all need to be used, meaning it’s a great all-rounder and can benefit you in pretty much every discipline of CrossFit.

They count as cardio too.

When all of your muscle groups are being utilised, your heart has to work harder to deliver oxygen-rich blood to your muscle tissue. It’s up to you when it comes to intensity, but it can be a great cardio exercise as well.

They can improve your posture.

One of the reasons for a poor posture can be due to weak core muscles, which can mean your body is unable to support itself properly when vertical. When doing push-ups, your entire torso is being used to stabilise the body, which simultaneously strengthens those all-important core muscles. By squeezing some push-ups into your CrossFit workout routine, you can fine-tune your postural muscles and subsequently reduce risk of lower back pain.

They may help prevent shoulder injury.

Push-ups are great for strengthening and conditioning the shoulder joint for dynamic movements. This added shoulder training can help when it comes to a variety of exercises that we also cover in our CrossFit classes, including pull-ups and push presses. Push-ups can be particularly effective for those new to exercise.

Maybe it’s time to embrace the humble push-up and reap these great benefits that can be applied across the board. Here at the best gym for classes in Witham, we believe in helping our members to continuously improve their fitness so that they can become a better all-round athlete! Even if you’ve never lifted a weight in your life, we specialise in getting our members from the couch to one of our crossfit classes, where you are able to gradually improve your strength, fitness and confidence until you can achieve things you never would have thought possible! Unlike most CrossFit boxes, there are no tie-ins or contracts; in fact you can come along to one of our free taster CrossFit classes to try it out. Book onto one today or get in touch with us for more information and start your journey into becoming the best version of you.


Mind Over Matter: 3 Ways to Get the Most From Your CrossFit Training

Sweat AngelAs any fitness enthusiast will tell you – sport is just as much about your state of mind as it is about your physical fitness. It’s important to have a positive and determined outlook when it comes to CrossFit, so that you can reach your goals and not lose motivation along the way. Here are some strategies to keep in mind to make your workouts more effective for you, regardless of your shape, size and goals. When you learn how to push your body to its maximum potential, that’s when you’ll see the greatest results.

  1. The mind leads the body

If you’re a regular gym goer, it can be hard to push yourself beyond your perceived limits. For example, when running on a treadmill, it’s easy to quickly misinterpret your boredom as tiredness and stop as a result. The problem with pushing yourself only so far is that you will stop seeing results in your body. When your mind and body become accustomed to a particular workload, they will stop making considerable progress. CrossFit is a fantastic way of realising that your body can actually do far more! You’ll be amazed at what you are actually capable of.

  1. Don’t fear failure

When weightlifting, there will come a time when lifting a challenging load will prove a struggle and you may even fail completely (to begin with!) This may push you out of your comfort zone but that’s a good thing! It’s vital to step outside of what you’re comfortable with – so instead of lifting weights you know you can handle all the time, try that bigger dumbbell next time you take part in one of our CrossFit classes and strive to get better every time you walk into the gym. Failing is a way of overcoming fear and doubt – once the fear of heavier weights is eliminated, you can carry on with your pursuit in smashing personal records. Nobody will judge you for failing here at our gym in Essex – in fact we will encourage  you and cheer you on every step of the way to reaching your goals.

  1. Switch your weakness to strength

In your regular gym Essex, it is likely most people spend their time working on their favourite muscle groups or doing their preferred exercises. However by only working on specific parts of your body, eventually your body composition will stop changing and come to a halt. By exclusively training just a few body parts, you can make your physique unbalanced and more prone to injury, while your fitness will not be at its best. To be healthy, it’s important to be well-rounded – this is what CrossFit is all about. Everyone has a weakness, but to be successful in the gym, it’s essential to overcome these. When working on new movements, you exert muscles in new ways, which stimulates growth. By constantly challenging yourself you can see amazing results!

So why not come and try CrossFit and see for yourself why we’re Witham’s premier strength and conditioning gym? Book yourself onto one of our free taster classes here at CrossFit Blackwater and challenge yourself to becoming the very best, most awesome version of yourself!


7 Ways CrossFit Classes Can Make You Happy!

Strong-girls-crossfitblackwater-barAre you fed up of feeling lethargic and lacking in motivation? Do you want to change your body, health and mindset for the better? CrossFit classes provide the perfect opportunity to begin your journey to a better and happier you. Here are 7 of the ways we believe CrossFit can make you happier in your day-to-day life.

  1. You can measure your progress. Unlike running on a treadmill at your regular gym in Essex and feeling like you’re not really getting anywhere (literally!), at our CrossFit gym you can keep track of your PBs, WOD times, or decreases in body fat percentage. There is a fantastic sense of satisfaction knowing you are improving and on your way to achieving your goals.
  1. It translates to everyday life. CrossFit is based on functional movements that we use day to day. Whether it’s picking up your kids or carrying heavy shopping, you’ll notice how everything becomes easier once you start training.
  1. You become a member of a great team. There are no age, weight or fitness requirements at our Witham gym. Our CrossFit trainers are available to anyone who walks through the door with a willingness to work hard and give each workout your all!
  1. The camaraderie. Here at our CrossFit gym in Witham, you’ll be surrounded by people who encourage and inspire you everyday. Unlike regular fitness classes where people tend to keep themselves to themselves, we like to know everyone by name so you’re working out amongst friends. You can’t help but leave our gym with a smile on your face!
  1. It will get you in the best shape of your life. There is no other fitness programme out there that will get you to your goals like CrossFit will!
  1. It’s fun! Sure, it can be challenging at times and test your physical capabilities, but CrossFit keeps you on your toes and is always entertaining!
  1. You are doing something great for yourself. Many of us are so busy with work and family commitments that sometimes we forget we need time for ourselves. Self-care is extremely important and CrossFit can be that one hour of “you” time, to de-stress and get those endorphins flowing. What’s more, you’ll have a great sense of achievement when you leave each session, knowing that you’ve worked your socks off and done something great for you!

So what are you waiting for? Why not sign up for one of our free taster classes to see how great CrossFit is for yourself? Our experienced coaches can guide you through the moves and how to adapt them to suit you; we always ensure that we never make anyone do something they aren’t ready for. Step through the doors of Witham’s premier strength and conditioning gym and you’ll be wishing you joined earlier!


CrossFit Blackwater Talks: The Importance of Having A Routine

When you take a look at the most successful people around you or even in the media, one thing they will all have in common is a routine. Having a daily routine to adhere to has many benefits, which includes building good habits, increasing efficiency, building momentum and making you better at everyday tasks.

These same things can be applied to CrossFit and by having a routine in your day-to-day life you can directly correlate to the success in the gyms in Witham Essex. Without the stress and distractions of thinking about all the things you need to be doing, you can focus on what’s important to you.

Having a daily routine is something that can have a huge impact on our performance. From regular sleeping patterns to eating the right food that will fuel us for the day, it is essential to find a routine that works for you and then make a habit of it. This enables us to maximise the time we have each day in order to best prepare ourselves for success.

The first steps to creating an effective routine is finding out what works best for you, whether that’s writing things down in a planner, setting alarms or leaving yourself notes. Once you know this, you can begin to look at each day and plan accordingly. This includes prioritising certain tasks, attending CrossFit classes and building the rest of your day around this. Our box is the best gym for classes and we offer sessions from 5.30pm in the evening right through to 8.30pm most evenings. Times may vary at the weekends to best suit you.

Of course you can’t plan for everything! Some things will crop up out of the blue, but when this does happen, having a routine can allow you to be flexible and reorganise things. Once you’ve got your schedule planned out, try and stick to it! Test it out for a few weeks and let your body settle into your new routine. If you have any problems, you can always sit back and readjust.

Here at CrossFit Blackwater in Witham, we believe that CrossFit can help with introducing more structure and discipline into your life, while making your health and fitness goals a reality. If you haven’t already, why not incorporate us into your routine and start your journey on becoming the best version of you?


5 Reasons To Try CrossFit

CrossFit classes offer a whole range of health and fitness benefits which come with time, training and dedication. However, there are many other reasons for joining our Witham gym in particular. Here are just some of the reasons why you’ll feel great about yourself here at our CrossFit gym in Essex.

Post New Years Day WOD photo!
Post New Year’s Day WOD photo!
  1. A sense of community

When you go to your local, regular gym for a workout, you’ll most likely go through the motions, moving from machine to machine. At CrossFit, there’s much more of a community feel. This means no buttons and dials and no isolation! Instead, exercises in our Witham gym are done in group workouts under the supervision of your coach or personal trainer. This encourages everyone to really push through boundaries and make the progress they’ve always wanted to whilst making some great friends along the way!

  1. There’s never a dull day!

Going to your regular gym in Essex and doing the same routine each time may seem okay for a while, but it can soon get repetitive and tedious, which can quickly lead to a lack of motivation. One thing we can guarantee is that CrossFit is never boring! You do a totally different WOD each time, and there aren’t the endless rows of machines to routinely hop on and off. Each workout is engaged and requires focus and attention. This means you’re always going to be giving it your all.

  1. A confidence booster

CrossFit can be a very empowering experience for anyone looking to get into shape. While you’re physically altering your body through building muscle and increasing overall fitness, you’ll also feel stronger, healthier and capable of anything – both mentally and physically. This can translate to daily challenges in your everyday life, meaning “I’m not sure” can soon transform into “I can do this!”

  1. It’s affordable

There is no need to worry about costs here at CrossFit Blackwater. Unlike most gyms, there are no obligations or contracts. We operate a month to month gym membership which means that if you want to take a break or start going more or less frequently, all you need to do is let us know. What’s more, our workouts don’t rely on expensive equipment, so you can do your WODs in your own home too.

  1. Becoming a better version of you!

Last, but by no means least, you will feel great about yourself. While you build strength and fitness, which can help in every aspect of your life, psychologically you will also be constantly learning and improving. There may be struggles and hurdles along the way, but you will certainly gain perseverance and self-assurance, meaning you can be the best version of yourself in your everyday life.

If all of these things appeal to you, then why not try CrossFit and experience it for yourself? We love welcoming new members to our CrossFit gym in Essex, so don’t hesitate to sign on to one of our free taster classes and gain all of these benefits and more. You won’t regret it!



CrossFit Classes Can Work for Everyone and Here’s Why

When you tell someone that you’re thinking of taking up CrossFit, their immediate reaction may be “CrossFit looks too intense” or “too hard”, however many people have misconceptions about how the programme actually works. Here are some reasons why CrossFit can be for anyone, even people who have previously been exercise shy or have no prior experience.

One of the most important aspects of taking up CrossFit is the idea of “functional movement”, which means an exercise or movement that can be directly translated to real life. This includes picking up something off the ground, running, squatting or jumping onto or over something. From shopping, to picking up kids or even gardening; these are everyday movements that everybody needs to be able to do. So if you feel you’re beginning to struggle with your strength and tire easily when doing these everyday movements, maybe it’s time to improve?

This doesn’t mean you have to be insanely strong or super fast, but your mobility and movement should be at a good standard to avoid harming yourself.

The great thing about our CrossFit classes in Essex, is that you can start with very basic movements and progress in complexity and load as your fitness inevitably increases. If you can squat your body weight to begin with, in a week you could be squatting a barbell and in a year you could be squatting far more!

One common misconception is that if you join a CrossFit gym, you’ll immediately be expected to do complex movements and life heavy loads. However, the reality is, we begin with the basics with one of our experienced coaches who will support you and answer any questions you may have about your CrossFit training.

The bottom line is that CrossFit is all about starting with the very basics and scaling up in intensity, complexity and load until your fitness increases. It’s relevant to everyday life and is therefore applicable to everyone. What’s more, is that you can improve your health and your quality of life as a whole. So what are you waiting for? Book yourself onto one of our free, no contract, taster classes today and start your journey on becoming a better you. You may see results a lot quicker than you think!












What Is CrossFit Really Like For Beginners?

CrossFit newbie, Sam, tells all…

“Just over a month ago, I walked into CrossFit Blackwater for the first time not really knowing what to expect. I’d heard a number of stories from various people who all had their own interpretations of CrossFit classes (some were more frightening than others) so to tell you the truth, I was nervous. I knew going into the foundation classes that I hadn’t done much exercise in a while and was anxious about the prospect of having to lift heavy weights!

What really sticks in my mind about my initial class was the fact that I didn’t have to introduce myself. The moment I walked through the door Scott, one of the coaches, was there asking if my name was Sam and if I was looking forward to what lay ahead. I felt more relaxed immediately and ready to take on the workout…

First up were squats! For something as simple as front squatting with a bar you wouldn’t think there would be too many problems, however, during this exercise it was pointed out to me that I had tight Achilles as my heels kept lifting from the floor as I carried out the movement. I was given a weight to stand on to counteract this and over time the hope is that I will be able to squat properly without assistance. I realised that had I have just gone to the gym and carried out these movements on my own, I would never have known I was doing it wrong!

As well as that bit of much needed guidance, I am enjoying doing similar exercises to those that I’d do at other fitness gyms, except there aren’t any over complicated machines (apart from the two rowing machines in the corner).

There is a real community spirit at CrossFit Blackwater and you soon find yourself shouting words of encouragement at each other. By doing the foundation classes as a group, it soon becomes apparent that you are not expected to walk in and know it all, if anything, everyone is in exactly the same boat and just willing to learn!

So long as you are prepared to push yourself and work hard for the results you recognise that you are in fact competing against your last score as opposed to the person next you!

What’s really impressed me about the style of coaching at CrossFit Blackwater is that Scott and Christine won’t let you move up in weight unless you’ve nailed the technique. This is essential as there is no point lifting your bodyweight if you’re not doing it properly.

In this short space of time I’ve already begun to see results in my fitness and strength. Admittedly, there have been times where I have wanted to pass out, throw up or walk away but it has definitely been worth it and with everyone’s words of encouragement I leave every session feeling energised and raring for more!”




Our CrossFit Gym Explains Why Burpees Beat Beer!

Many of you will already be aware of the new guidelines on alcohol intake, it has now been suggested by the government that a male should drink no more than seven pints of beer a week (fourteen units of alcohol) – the same as the maximum limit for women.

Whilst many of us already know that excessive drinking is potentially detrimental to your health, at CrossFit Blackwater we wanted to talk about the topic further for those who might need a bit of persuading when it comes to choosing exercise over that extra beer!

There is nothing wrong with enjoying the occasional pint, or the odd glass of Merlot but why binge over the weekend when you can find a local gym and join in with our CrossFit workout programs?

Our loyal members will confirm that working out definitely has its benefits, especially at our CrossFit gym in Essex! Our experienced coaches run classes that are catered to the individual, in a fun and friendly training environment.

So why choose our box over booze?

  1. Your general fitness and physique will improve – providing that you try and workout a few times a week, we can guarantee that you will start to see results. That ‘beer belly’ which once got in the way will soon flatten and you’ll start to feel more confident in yourself!
  2. As you get healthier, so will your bank account – a monthly membership at our gym costs roughly the same amount as a drinking session at the weekend. When most people have a couple of nights out a month, we don’t need to tell you what provides better value for money not to mention better for your health!
  3. The mind is happier – Numerous studies have proven that exercise has a drastic impact on a person’s mental health. However, many people will still decide to drink their sorrows away, which has got to be the worst sort of therapy as you will no doubt feel dreadful the next day.
  4. The aftermath – Our CrossFit classes my result in a tight hamstring here or there but we think a handstand pushup definitely beats a hangover!

So if you’re feeling down and despondent about that bit of extra weight or the beginnings of a beer belly, why not try CrossFit? We’re welcoming new members through our door each and every day and would love to meet a few more.

For more information and advice, get in touch today.

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Have a CrossFit Christmas! Top Tips To Stay On Track…

Christmas is a time for family, friends, food and fun! While of course you want to enjoy yourself, it’s important not to lose sight of your goals or hinder the great progress you’ve already made at CrossFit Blackwater.

The festive period will inevitably impact on your normal eating and exercise plan, so here are some tips on how to enjoy the holidays and keep on top of your fitness regime.