CrossFit Blackwater: 4 Reasons Why Push-Ups Make You Awesome!

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At our CrossFit gym, the term “push-up” can instill an almighty fear in some people, mainly because they aren’t easy to master! Although often associated with warm-ups or as an accessory exercise, push-ups actually have a number of benefits as a functional strength exercise. So here are just a few reasons why you should maybe give push-ups another chance and see them as a great way to enhance your strength and fitness, rather than view them as something to dread…

Increased functional strength due to full body use.

In order to execute a good push-up, you have to use every major muscle group in the body. Your biceps, triceps, anterior deltoids and core muscles all need to be used, meaning it’s a great all-rounder and can benefit you in pretty much every discipline of CrossFit.

They count as cardio too.

When all of your muscle groups are being utilised, your heart has to work harder to deliver oxygen-rich blood to your muscle tissue. It’s up to you when it comes to intensity, but it can be a great cardio exercise as well.

They can improve your posture.

One of the reasons for a poor posture can be due to weak core muscles, which can mean your body is unable to support itself properly when vertical. When doing push-ups, your entire torso is being used to stabilise the body, which simultaneously strengthens those all-important core muscles. By squeezing some push-ups into your CrossFit workout routine, you can fine-tune your postural muscles and subsequently reduce risk of lower back pain.

They may help prevent shoulder injury.

Push-ups are great for strengthening and conditioning the shoulder joint for dynamic movements. This added shoulder training can help when it comes to a variety of exercises that we also cover in our CrossFit classes, including pull-ups and push presses. Push-ups can be particularly effective for those new to exercise.

Maybe it’s time to embrace the humble push-up and reap these great benefits that can be applied across the board. Here at the best gym for classes in Witham, we believe in helping our members to continuously improve their fitness so that they can become a better all-round athlete! Even if you’ve never lifted a weight in your life, we specialise in getting our members from the couch to one of our crossfit classes, where you are able to gradually improve your strength, fitness and confidence until you can achieve things you never would have thought possible! Unlike most CrossFit boxes, there are no tie-ins or contracts; in fact you can come along to one of our free taster CrossFit classes to try it out. Book onto one today or get in touch with us for more information and start your journey into becoming the best version of you.


CrossFit Blackwater Talks: The Importance of Having A Routine

When you take a look at the most successful people around you or even in the media, one thing they will all have in common is a routine. Having a daily routine to adhere to has many benefits, which includes building good habits, increasing efficiency, building momentum and making you better at everyday tasks.

These same things can be applied to CrossFit and by having a routine in your day-to-day life you can directly correlate to the success in the gyms in Witham Essex. Without the stress and distractions of thinking about all the things you need to be doing, you can focus on what’s important to you.

Having a daily routine is something that can have a huge impact on our performance. From regular sleeping patterns to eating the right food that will fuel us for the day, it is essential to find a routine that works for you and then make a habit of it. This enables us to maximise the time we have each day in order to best prepare ourselves for success.

The first steps to creating an effective routine is finding out what works best for you, whether that’s writing things down in a planner, setting alarms or leaving yourself notes. Once you know this, you can begin to look at each day and plan accordingly. This includes prioritising certain tasks, attending CrossFit classes and building the rest of your day around this. Our box is the best gym for classes and we offer sessions from 5.30pm in the evening right through to 8.30pm most evenings. Times may vary at the weekends to best suit you.

Of course you can’t plan for everything! Some things will crop up out of the blue, but when this does happen, having a routine can allow you to be flexible and reorganise things. Once you’ve got your schedule planned out, try and stick to it! Test it out for a few weeks and let your body settle into your new routine. If you have any problems, you can always sit back and readjust.

Here at CrossFit Blackwater in Witham, we believe that CrossFit can help with introducing more structure and discipline into your life, while making your health and fitness goals a reality. If you haven’t already, why not incorporate us into your routine and start your journey on becoming the best version of you?