Coach Christine


Coach: Christine CopeCoach Christine Cope

  • GWL Weightlifting Certificate
  • British Weightlifting Level 2 Coach
  • L-1 CrossFit Certificate Holder
  • Advanced Personal Trainer
  • Certificate in GP Referral
  • 4th World Masters Weightlifting Championships 2016 W40/69kg class
  • 2nd British Weightlifting Championships 2016 W40/69kg class
  • 1st Southern Masters Weightlifting 2015 W35/69kg class
  • Kennedy competitor Rainhill Trials Spring 2015 and 2016

Christine’s background is totally unathletic. After years of sedentary jobs and inactivity she found herself at 90kg and struggling to chase after a new baby and a toddler. During the weight loss process she discovered exercise and tried marathon running and kickboxing before finding CrossFit – and especially Olympic Weightlifing.

Passionate about the physical and mental benefits exercise can bring, Christine kicked her accountancy career to the sidelines, retrained to be a personal trainer and has dedicated herself to helping people access and enjoy exercise and weightlifting.

Christine programmes and coaches CrossFit Blackwater’s Olympic Weightlifting programme.  She specialises in teaching people to safely and effectively add weight training to their training programmes. She is also highly experienced in modifying exercise programmes to accommodate different medical conditions.

Christine sincerely believes that exercise should and can be accessible to everyone. It is not where you start out that matters – the joy is in the journey to somewhere you may never have imagined.

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