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New Weightlifting Cycle

Jerk boxes


Tonight is the first session of our new weightlifting cycle.  We will be doing a lot of work from the hang in this cycle as well as continuing our focus on making technical improvements to the jerk.

You’ll find out what the magic chalk boxes are for tonight!

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The open is coming!

One of my attempts to get a chest to bar pull-up in the 2013 Open. Turns out that consistent training and strength work is more effective!
One of my attempts to get a chest to bar pull-up in the 2013 Open. Turns out that consistent training and strength work is more effective!

It’s only 17 days until the first workout of the 2016 CrossFit Open is released!

Since the scaled division was introduced last year, the open has been more accessible than ever.  Taking part in the open year on year is a great way to benchmark your progress.  I did my first open in 2013 and had to get a snatch PB to do the first workout, struggled to score a few toes to bar and had a hideous battle to achieve a single chest to bar pull-up.  But it was brilliant – I achieved things that I didn’t think were possible and was forced to push my limits.

Scott will be programming the open workouts for the classes so register now at You’ll get to see your scores on the worldwide leaderboard, set yourself some benchmarks for future years and, most importantly, be part of the CrossFit Blackwater team!

build to a heavy triple, then 3×3@90%

Snatch High Pulls 5×4

Open workout 15.1
9min AMRAP:

15 toes to bar
10 deadlifts 52/34kg
5 snatch 52/34kg

15 hanging knee raises
10 deadlifts 38/25kg
5 snatch 38/25kg

Olympic Lifting Snatch WOD

Snatch focus

T.Rex getting another outing
T.Rex getting another outing

1)  Snatch
build to a heavy triple then 3×3 at 90%

2)  Snatch high pulls 5×4

3)  “Annie”
For time:
Doubles unders
Ab mat sit-ups

Olympic Lifting Snatch Squat WOD

Snatch Focus

Steve "HB" - never without the HB. Even when he has to fashion it from 2 stinky lifting straps
Steve “HB” – never without the HB. Even when he has to fashion it from 2 stinky lifting straps

1)  10min EMOM
3 position snatch

2)  Paused Front Squats 5×4

3)  8min AMRAP
8 power snatch 55/35kg
40 double unders

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The Open is coming

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 09.24.50

Open leaderboard from 2011 Individuals

Todays amrap comes from the 2011 CrossFit Open. This was also the first week of the very first open. It was 6 weeks with 1 workout to be completed at an affiliate or filmed at a globo gym per week. 26,000 people entered to try and get a place at the finals in California. Compared to now that is nothing. Over 200,000 people entered this year including 55,000 in the masters divisions. Back then masters also started at 45+ and being a fresh faced 41 year old I was in the hat with the individuals. The top 60 went on to the Reebok stadium in Bolton for the regionals that year, I managed to qualify 21st in Europe.

Benchmarks Bodyweight Heroes Olympic Lifting Snatch WOD

Snatch and JT

1) Snatch Programme

2) “JT”

Today we have another hero WOD – this was the first hero workout posted by CrossFit in June 2005.

In honor of Petty Officer 1st Class Jeff Taylor, 30, of Little Creek, VA, who was killed in Afghanistan June 2005

For time:

Rx: 21-15-9
Handstand push-ups
Ring dips
Push ups

7 wall walks
21 push ups
5 walk walks
15 push ups
3 wall walks
9 push ups
Accumulate a 1 min plank


Olympic Lifting recipe Snatch

Snatch and a slow cooker recipe


Now the clocks have changed and the evenings are darker and colder I have dug my slow cooker out of hibernation and am using it a lot more for batch cooking.

Batch cooking is the only way forward if you want to eat healthy, home cooked food at every meal and you have a job, a family, training to do… in short – a life!  Pick a quieter day, batch cook a couple of dishes and portion it all out into separate containers.  You can even batch cook some rice, sweet potato and vegetables.  Then you are done – several days meals ready to be microwaved at a second’s notice!  You could even freeze a few for emergencies.

Back to my trusty crockpot – here’s a slow cooker recipe I tried out earlier in the week – I was pretty pleased with how it turned out!

Slow cooker paprika chicken (makes 4-6 portions)

  • Slice 1 large onion and scatter over the bottom of the slow cooker
  • Slice 1 pepper and scatter over the onion
  • Place 800g-1kg of whole chicken breasts on top of the vegetables
  • Sprinkle 2 teaspoons of plain flour, 1 tablespoon of paprika, 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, some salt and pepper over the chicken breasts
  • Add 1 tin chopped tomatoes
  • Add a chicken stock cube or pot (I like the gelatinous Knorr ones)
  • Slice another pepper and sprinkle that over the top
  • Cook on high for 3 hours – after 1 hour give everything a good stir so the flour and spices mix in with the tomatoes and liquid to make a sauce.

1) Snatch programme

2) Rowing intervals

Olympic Lifting Snatch Squat WOD



  1. Snatch deadlift + 2x hang snatch + snatch 4x(1+2+1)
  2. Snatch 3×3
  3. Paused snatch grip deadlift 3×5
  4. If you are training tomorrow:  Overhead squats 3×10

If not… Front squats 5×3

Optional conditioning

3 rounds:
12 kb push press
12 pullups

Core conditioning

Barbell situps 3×15

Olympic Lifting Snatch Squat WOD

Snatch and Front Squat


Snatch high pull + High hang snatch + 2 Hang snatch 5x(1+1+2)

Snatch 3 EMOM for 5 mins
Reset between reps

Front squat 5×3

Optional conditioning

3 rounds for time:
10 box jumps
12 push ups
14 kettlebell swings 24/16k

Jerk Olympic Lifting Overhead Snatch WOD

Snatch balance and Jerks


Snatch balance 2×3,2×2, 3×1

Jerk from rack 5×3

Overhead squat 3×10

Optional conditioning

Rowing race…

Core conditioning

Either: 3×10 GHD situps

Or 3×25 Abmat situps