Bodyweight Gymnastics Overhead WOD

Bench and a look at Tabata Training

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The class hangs on for the beep with the tabata core holds

Tabatas are a great way to distinguish between the different thresholds we get during conditioning workouts. They test two very different beasts. The first variation is the breathy one, this could be tabata burpees, tabata box jumps or maybe tabata double unders once you can string them together well. The other kind is the lactic acid bringers or burn outs. Push ups are a great example of this. You’re not breathing hard, you’re not in any uncomfortable, tired state, you just cannot push out another rep… Not for 5-10 seconds anyway.  And of course one of my favourites – the tabata core hold tests mostly willpower.  I can see this as you all stare up at the clock wishing the seconds away.


Bench Press – 20-15-10-5

After each set hit a set of max strict c2b pull ups / pull ups / negatives / strict ring rows.


12 minute amrap:

10 Push Press 50/35
10 Toes to bar / 20 Sit ups
30 Double Unders / 90 Singles


Tabata week continues…. Tabata KB Swings

Bodyweight Gymnastics Overhead Squat WOD

Thrusters, EMOM & Conditioning


Thrusters – 3-3-2-2-1-1 – Use rep scheme to build up and max out.

Barbel conditioning

EMOM 8: 8 Thrusters at 60% max above.


5 x 2 minutes work, 1 min rest

5 Burpees
5 Wall Balls 20/14lb
5 C2B Pull ups / Pull ups / Ring Rows


Work on your goal

Article Benchmarks Girls Overhead

Overhead & Benchmark

Scott has kept a log since he started CrossFitting in 2008
Scott has kept a log since he started CrossFitting in 2008

In CrossFit almost every day is different. However we need to measure your progress in more ways than just your lifting. The best way to do that is with a variety of benchmark wods that test different aspects of your training, skills and how well your body uses different energy pathways. Simply – whether you’re good at shorter faster workouts or excel on the long ones.

Today’s test is Helen. A mid range workout with most people falling within the 8-12 minute finishing time. It’s a test of your cardio-respiratory capacity combined with a bit of grip endurance. Kettlebell swings followed by pull ups are tough.

It would be great if everyone could make a note of their time and how you scaled, so next time around we can see how much you have improved. My first Helen took me 13 minutes. I hadn’t learnt how to kip pull ups and the 24k kettlebell felt a lot heavier to me back then than it does now.  Since then, over 8 or so years, I have taken almost 5 minutes off my time.  You may wonder how I remember that long ago being so old…. I don’t. Luckily my workouts are all logged since I began in 2008. I cannot emphasise enough how much it’s helped me over the years having a log. For example, I remembered doing one of the Games workouts from this year at Fitness First about 5 years ago. Going through my log I was able to formulate a great strategy and get an idea of how the workout would feel.

In case you fancy reading ALL of my struggles since discovering CrossFit here is my log. You won’t take long to find a rant about double unders being impossible, how I will never be able to overhead squat or my final breakthrough with the muscle up. When I watch you all learning I remember being in that exact same place and I know the work needed to get each skill mastered.


Strict Press 5-5-5
Push Press 3-3-3

Core strength

3 x 10 Ring In Outs



3 round for time:

Run 400m
21 Swings 24/16k
12 Pull ups

Jerk Olympic Lifting Overhead Snatch WOD

Snatch balance and Jerks


Snatch balance 2×3,2×2, 3×1

Jerk from rack 5×3

Overhead squat 3×10

Optional conditioning

Rowing race…

Core conditioning

Either: 3×10 GHD situps

Or 3×25 Abmat situps