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Reflections on the 2015 CrossFit Games

Scott Jenkins 2015 CrossFit Games Masters 45-49
Scott Jenkins 2015 CrossFit Games Masters 45-49

CrossFit Games 2015

Hard to think it’s all over. One of the best experiences of my life, totally lived up to the 7 years of trying to get there. Epic week in Los Angeles, brilliant people, treated so well by CF HQ and will never forget it. Now here is a run down of the events, my mistakes and highlights.



Event 1:

40 GHD Sit ups
10 Bar Muscle ups
100lb Sandbag Run 50m
32 GHD Sit ups
8 Bar Muscle ups
120lb Sandbag Run
24 GHD Sit ups
6 Bar Muscle ups
140lb Sandbag Run – CAP +8 14th

Bar muscle ups have been a weakness of mine addressed lately and I thought I had got quite good at them. After 40 ghd sit ups (of which I don’t own one to train on) not so much. 3 unbroken before having to hit doubles and singles. Was laying in 18th before finishing with a sprint and some unbroken ghd’s. No mistakes just need to work more ghd sit ups and bar muscle ups.

Event 2: Max Thruster

This was always going to be a bad event for me. My 1rm are never good on any movement, stamina is much better than my explosive strength so needed to just limit the damage here.

185lb Fail
215lb – 18th
225lb big fail

My best is 220lb so not far away. Was quite unsteady on event the good reps and was lucky not to pick up a few more no reps.

So after 2 events I was in 19th. I knew it would be a bad start with my worst events first but hoped to be laying more in 12th now.

Event 3: SQT

Now I was confident on this one. If there’s two things I can do it’s snatch and sprint, light snatches of course not 1rm.

3 rounds for time:

10 Snatches 42.5k (muscled of course)
4 x 50m Shuttle – 3.24 – 2nd

Set off on first round in joint 2nd, then moved into a clear second after the 2nd set of snatches. Craig Eisman had a lead on me which I see was going to be hard to catch then on the 3rd round he no repped he’s last snatch and I see a door… And with that bombed after him like mad, for 30 seconds I see 1st place and a what would have been a funny interview at the end. As I hit the last 50m he came back past me, I reacted but my legs didn’t, the message was clear, run faster, I did not care about pain, but my legs did not receive the message. But this was a huge improvement, back in the game and the commentators finally had to flick through their notebooks and find out my name.

Day Two

Event 4:The Long Chipper

1000m Stadium Run
25 D Ball Over shoulder
25 Box Jumps
25 C2B PUll ups
50 Wall Balls
25 C2B PUll ups
25 Box Jumps
25 100lb Sandbag over shoulders – CAP +21 – 8th

Started great. Went past 4 to 5 people on the run then got to the downhill. Knees hate running downhill or steps so people filed past me here. Finished the run in 16th. Next mistake NO TOP on D Balls, covered ball in sweat which made it hard to pick up. Then came box jumps and time to start moving up the field, I know they are not my favourite but it was more about who could keep moving rather than who could do fancy box jumps. Managed to make up 5 places and then in the last 30 seconds another 3 places on the sandbag which felt like a bag of pigs at the end. Still 8 places gained from the run which if on the flat I would have killed.

Event 5: Double Hanger

3 rounds:

100 double Unders
7 Hang Power Clean & Jerk 185lb/85k – CAP + 1 – 10th

Amazing finished 100 doubles in first. Now the 185lb felt like 205, plan was unbroken which soon turned into 3/2/2. I’m good with bar cycling but this was just out of my comfort range, lost out on this one to stronger people, this will be addressed this year.

Ended day two in 10th place. Top 10 move onto the final after Event 6. Sleepless night.. Must make the final.

Day 3:

Event 6: The Sandwich

80 Calories Row
40 Push Press 70k/155lb
40 Deadlifts 70k/155lb – 11.51 – 7th

Rowing good, push press was total pain, broke down from 10 to 4,5,6 rep counts. Few no reps which was correct as unbalanced. But when I got to the deadlifts I knew I would not drop any places. Although only 25 unbroken. Plan was 80 unbroken all the way. Much harder than expected.

BUT I WAS IN THE FINAL 9TH PLACE.. not bad seeing as after two events I was in 19th.

Next the final was rumoured then announced as Amanda.

Event 7: Amanda

Problem was my knees were so sore I could hardly walk. I knew though I would have a few hours in the tent rolling and massage before going out there so set to work getting ready for the last workout, the final, in the tennis stadium, so excited for it.

9-7-5 reps of:

Ring Muscle ups
Squat Snatch 135lb – 9.31 – 7th

The experience and walking in the tennis stadium was so great. Got goosebumps, probably for the 50th time in 3 days but they were proper bicep pump goosebumps all over. Fantastic.

BUT I made huge mistakes. No taping on hands and they ripped pretty bad. Secondly I left the step thing under the rings and severely restricted my kip basically because I hate jumping for rings. Manned up and threw it away for the 7 and 5 and the ring muscle ups became easy. All about the squat snatches which also got easier and easier. Problem was the 20 mins after warming up, I tend to go cold. So could have gone faster on this one. My pb is low 6s.

Overall Finish – 9th in the world

Can’t knock it, my initial goal was more but after seeing the standard of my competitors it is very satisfactory. As they called me ‘rookie’ I made plenty of rookie mistakes which will not be repeated, probably make different ones next year.

I will be back in 2016. My training will be speared towards the games, nothing else. Worth every minute of anxiety, pain and suffering to get there. Absolutely loved it. Huge thanks to HQ for throwing such an unbeatable event. Coach Christine, the judges helpers, crowd and my friends and family were superb. Huge thanks to all of them.


Olympic Lifting

Snatch Grip Deadlifts 3-3-3

Snatch High Pulls 3-3-3

Squat Snatch – build to a heavy single / Beginners practice drills



Deadlifts 100/60k
Run or Row 400m


Strict Toes to bar or knee raises

Olympic Lifting WOD

Shoulder Press & Muscle ups

Shoulder Press 5-5-5

Push Press 3-3-3

For time:

1 Muscle up
10 Wall Balls 9/6
2 Muscle ups
20 Wall Balls
3 Muscle ups
30 Wall Balls
4 Muscle ups
40 Wall Balls
5 Muscle ups
50 Wall Balls

If you don’t have muscle ups yet, switch to 4x pull ups or ring rows

Scaled metcon: 10 minute amrap:

10 Ring Rows
10 Wall Balls
10 Walking Lunges
10 Ring Push ups


Girls Olympic Lifting WOD

Front Squats

Front Squats 10-8-6-4-2

Ascending weight.

15 minutes amrap:

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11 etc Clean & Jerk 60/40k
After each set perform 1 round of Cindy
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Squats

Finisher: Max Red Band Chest expanders

Olympic Lifting WOD

Squat Clean

Squat Cleans

5-5-3-3-1-1…. Establish 1rm Squat Clean

4 rounds for time:

15 Pull ups
15 Front Squats 50k/30k
15 Push Press 50k/30k


Tabata Core Holds

Olympic Lifting WOD

Power & Special Friday 13th Chipper

Class clean and jerk
Tuesday’s 6:30pm class working on their clean and jerks. New PR’s for Nikki and Lindsey and good technical progress made by everyone.

Hang Power Clean

Build to a 3RM

Chipper: To be announced on arrival in the gym

50 ????????????
40 ???????????????
30 ???????????????????
20 ?????????????????????
10 ??????????????????????
5 ??????????????????????????
1 ???????????????????????????

Finisher: Develop muscle ups with rings 🙂