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Good luck to Matt at the Turf Games

Big Matt is off to the Turf Games today, hopefully not feeling too smashed from the first event which was last night and included a lot more running than he is usually comfortable with.

Should be a lot more Concept 2 machines for him to rip apart and heavy things to throw around today. Good luck Matt, hope they are well stocked up on chalk.


Front squat

5 @ 40%
5 @ 50%
5 @ 60%

Kipping pull up progressions


For time CAP 15

25 thrusters 40/30k
Run 400m
25 chest to bar
Run 400m
25 thrusters 40/30k



Team Steve & Aaron at yesterdays Infero pairs

Tonight is Coach Aaron’s last Wednesday of coaching so it would be really great if as many of you as possible could come along and say goodbye. He will still around training and hopefully covering me or Christine when we need him so it’s not goodbye.

Thanks Aaron for your great coaching and unbreakable smile through all your classes whatever the adversity 😉

Olympic lifting

2 power cleans
2 front squats
2 push jerks



For time CAP 25
30 handstand push ups
15 ring muscle ups
10 rounds:
3 power cleans 75/50
3 front squats 75/50
3 push jerks 75/50


Olympic complex

3 power clean & push jerk
2 thrusters
1 power snatch



In a 10 minute window:
Run 1 mile
max Clean & Jerks 60/40k

rest 3 mins

In a 7 minute window:
Run 800m
max power snatch 50/35k

rest 3 mins

In a 4 minute window:
max thrusters 40/30k