Weightlifting Week 6 – preparing for a competition

Today we will spend some time working on warm up drills and getting you a strategy in place for preparing to lift in a competition format.

It is all too easy to end up mis-timing your warm up and end up being ready too soon – no-one wants to be that guy who does a pr in the warm up area then bombs on the platform.  The flip side of this is failing to have a warm up plan in place, knocking around aimlessly in the warm up area and then being called to lift without adequate preparation.  I learnt this the hard way in a comp last year when I totally mis-timed my clean and jerk warm up then got called when I’d been no-where near my opener in the warm up area – that was an unhappy place to be!

You will work on your opening lifts for both the snatch and the clean and jerk and finish up with some front squats.  If you want to discuss fuelling strategies for Sunday catch me before the 5:30pm class or at 7:30pm.