CrossFit Classes Can Work for Everyone and Here’s Why

When you tell someone that you’re thinking of taking up CrossFit, their immediate reaction may be “CrossFit looks too intense” or “too hard”, however many people have misconceptions about how the programme actually works. Here are some reasons why CrossFit can be for anyone, even people who have previously been exercise shy or have no prior experience.

One of the most important aspects of taking up CrossFit is the idea of “functional movement”, which means an exercise or movement that can be directly translated to real life. This includes picking up something off the ground, running, squatting or jumping onto or over something. From shopping, to picking up kids or even gardening; these are everyday movements that everybody needs to be able to do. So if you feel you’re beginning to struggle with your strength and tire easily when doing these everyday movements, maybe it’s time to improve?

This doesn’t mean you have to be insanely strong or super fast, but your mobility and movement should be at a good standard to avoid harming yourself.

The great thing about our CrossFit classes in Essex, is that you can start with very basic movements and progress in complexity and load as your fitness inevitably increases. If you can squat your body weight to begin with, in a week you could be squatting a barbell and in a year you could be squatting far more!

One common misconception is that if you join a CrossFit gym, you’ll immediately be expected to do complex movements and life heavy loads. However, the reality is, we begin with the basics with one of our experienced coaches who will support you and answer any questions you may have about your CrossFit training.

The bottom line is that CrossFit is all about starting with the very basics and scaling up in intensity, complexity and load until your fitness increases. It’s relevant to everyday life and is therefore applicable to everyone. What’s more, is that you can improve your health and your quality of life as a whole. So what are you waiting for? Book yourself onto one of our free, no contract, taster classes today and start your journey on becoming a better you. You may see results a lot quicker than you think!