Deadlifts & Amraps

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After a discussion with one of our members I have been thinking a lot about how different people deal with the uncomfortable feeling you get during a breathy workout. You do learn quickly how your body reacts to different stimulus and how you can control the amount you push yourself during a workout.

Especially during a long metcon it turns into a mental game. Your lungs start to ache, throat burn, even a sickly feeling in your stomach starts building as you hit rep after rep after rep. Your body wants you to stop, your body likes you to stay in your comfort zone and that is why it’s sending these messages to your brain trying to force you to slow down, rest or stop. But our bodies are not in charge of us are they?  If we take control and make our bodies go that bit further they have to adapt and get stronger and fitter. We don’t have to play by their rules and slow down or stop – they play by our rules and keep going and adapting in the way you want.  Then we win.

We all have our special ways, little habits that keep us fighting through the workouts. So next time you are feeling the pain and decide to have a rest just think to yourself – how much is this actually hurting?  Can I push a bit harder?  Do I need to rest now?  The ultimate goal is being comfortable with being uncomfortable. If you can achieve that you have conquered part of your mind.


Deadlifts – 5-5-5-5-5 – linear

Inbetween sets practice HSPU, handstand holds or frog holds


5 min amrap:

10 Wall Ball Sit ups
10 Burpees
10 Handstand Push ups (Push ups)

rest 2 mins

5 min amrap:

10 Wall Ball Sit ups
30 Russian Twists