Bodyweight Gymnastics WOD

Thursday night open gym club


The calm before the 12 days of Christmas workout

Every Thursday a group of our members plan an extra long metcon. They take it in turns to programme the workout and surprise eveyone else on the night. Luckily I get to check it over a couple of days beforehand just to make sure it’s not too crazy. The first week ‘The James’ got a little over excited with the rep scheme. Since then the programming has been great, very hard, mostly very long but nothing that will leave them all unable to train for the rest of the week.

Last Thursday was programmed by James Deags. A ’12 days of Christmas’ workout. What impressed me mostly was not the workout or the great effort everyone put in but the fact he bought everyone who finished a Christmas present, I overheard someone say you’ve raised the bar for the rest of us. Also the print outs of the workouts are getting more and more eccentric, another brilliant touch.


Push Press – 3-3-3-3-3 ascending weight

Between sets hit max strict pull ups / ring rows


4 RFT:
600m Run
25 Burpees
15 Shoulder to overhead 60/40