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Pull ups at the French Throwdown

Today we will be hitting another benchmark for the first time. Barbara is one of the more notorious ladies. Whereas with Fran you might of heard of the ‘Fran Cough’, caused by the flat out sprint and the huge amount of oxygen your body sucks in for the duration of the workout. You may have also of experienced the lactic threshold muscle burning you get from the 100 rep format of Angie. Barbara has it’s very own personality. I call it the ‘Barbara Headache’.

Its not the pull ups, push ups, sit ups or even the air squats that cause this headache. Its the 3 minutes rest you get inbetween each round. This will be scaled so you can go almost unbroken on the first round. 140 repetitions completed in 3-5 minutes. This will get your heart rate flying. Then you rest for 3 minutes, rinse and repeat.

I have two theories about the headache you get afterwards (or for some after 2-3 rounds Matt Williams). Firstly you’re hitting a high heart rate 5 times rather than just once in a normal amrap or rounds for time. 5 sprints equals a lot of blood shooting around the veins in your forehead. My second theory is the multiple directions your head moves in, not one of the exercises allows your head to have a break. I personally go with theory 1.

So yes the 3 minutes rest makes this one of the more notorious benchmarks. It allows your heart rate to lower and your muscles and mind to be ready to sprint again. In my view a lot harder than doing the whole 5 rounds without a break.



Five rounds, each for time of:
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
50 Squats

Rest precisely three minutes between each round.


Weighted Bridge holds (plate on lap)

Ring In outs