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The Open is coming

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Open leaderboard from 2011 Individuals

Todays amrap comes from the 2011 CrossFit Open. This was also the first week of the very first open. It was 6 weeks with 1 workout to be completed at an affiliate or filmed at a globo gym per week. 26,000 people entered to try and get a place at the finals in California. Compared to now that is nothing. Over 200,000 people entered this year including 55,000 in the masters divisions. Back then masters also started at 45+ and being a fresh faced 41 year old I was in the hat with the individuals. The top 60 went on to the Reebok stadium in Bolton for the regionals that year, I managed to qualify 21st in Europe.

It did not go without problems. The leaderboard broke down on the first week and we were given an extra week to get the first qualifier done. Great news yes… NO!! For two weeks I totally obsessed with that 10 minute amrap. Strategy, gaming, unbroken, I tried everything possible to increase my score. I even trawled the internet looking for faster and faster jump ropes, finished up buying what was back then in fashion a ‘Buddy Lee’ rope with huge red handles.

CrossFit Essex very kindly hosted me for my 2011 open attempts. They are one of the very first CrossFit gyms that opened in the UK and at only a 30 minute drive from me that was very close comparatively to most at the time. Every Friday night at 7pm we would hit the open workouts paired up with someone. We all got a judge each and attacked the workouts like our life depended on it.

So the Open 2016 is getting closer and closer. Just 10 weeks to go to get our engines firing for 5 weeks of workouts. There is also a scaled division that was introduced last year making the open accessible to everyone. I will be fully encouraging you all to sign up and get on board. The more of us involved the bigger buzz and competition we can create in the gym.


Deadlifts – 5-5-5-5-5 linear gains

Superset each set with a max set of HSPU afterwards. Kipping or strict.

 Conditioning 1:

EMOM 10 – Burpees

Everyone who done this last week try to beat your score.

Conditioning 2:

10 minute amrap:

30 Double Unders (90 singles)
15 Power Snatch 35/25k