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You cannot hide your goats forever

Thursday night club

Everyone has Goats. I don’t mean the kind you find at petting zoos or animal rescue centres keeping donkeys company, but athletic goats. In CrossFit these are things we find difficult, skills we try and try to get but they still elude us – actually they are anything that we firstly want and secondly are finding it extremely hard to achieve.

As a novice bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzennegger had a big goat. It was his extremely skinny lower legs or calf muscles. He purposefully cut all his tracksuit bottoms off at the knees to make sure everyone else in the gym would continuously mock his biggest weakness. Then he used all of that to fire him up to train those calves again and again until they were pumped up and ready for the stage.

So, what’s my point in telling you about a bodybuilder from the ’70s? Never hide from your goats, the more you spend time with them the better they will get. I have refused to practice certain movements in the past just because I was ashamed people would be watching me fail. There’s a big saying in CrossFit to ‘Leave your ego at the door’.  Come straight in and attack that goat – I now practice my current pesky goat 2-3 times a week and some of you probably know that I have trouble with bar muscle ups as I have been practising right in front of you – something I would not have done a few years back and because of that the goat has survived to this day.

Most of us have a herd of the buggers to sort out, my advice is get the noisiest ones out first then the rest will come a lot easier.



Back Squats –  5-5-5-5-5 ascending weight


8 minute amrap:

5 Handstand Push ups / 10 Push ups
10 Wall Balls
15 Toes to bar

rest 2 mins

EMOM 10: 12 Burpees