Gymnastic progressions & Conditioning


HSPU are particularly hard if you have long arms or no head

One of the main reasons I love CrossFit is the sheer diversity of the skills, movements, strengths we have to learn. Everyone has their favourites and of course their goats, generally decided by their abilities and genetic make up. Long arms make handstand push ups very hard but make rowing and wall balls much easier; short legs and burpees are very quick but for rope climbing you’ll need an extra foot grab to get up.

Today is going to be a skill development day. I have noticed people getting better at the particular scales they have been using and it is time to up your game. So today’s goal is to move a few ring rowers onto the pull ups bars, get some knee raisers touching their knees to their triceps or even better elbows. And maybe even a few first handstand push ups or ring dips  in there.

Skill Development

Toes to bar – Kipping knee raises, knees to triceps, knees to elbows, toes to bar.

Kipping pull ups – If you have 5 (men), 3 (ladies) strict pull ups and cannot kip this is the time to practice with my assistance.

Ring Dips – Negatives, Ring Holds, Ring Dips

HSPU – Negatives to abmats, kick up to wall

If you have all the above movements we will work on muscle ups, butterfly pull ups or other advanced movements.


3 rounds:

20  Air Squats
20 Box Jumps
20 Abmat Sit ups
20 KB Swings