Thrusters & Amraps

Scaling and the proper use of sScreen Shot 2015-10-06 at 12.48.16caling is one of the most important jobs I have during the classes. If lately I have approached you and suggested a harder option to you on a certain movement it’s because I have seen you perfect the movement at that standard and it’s time to move you onwards in order to keep you getting the same stimulus.

The long term goal of this is to get you doing as many workouts “as prescribed” as possible, or as we call it on the board RX.


Thrusters 3-3-2-2-1-1 – build weight to a heavy single


7 minute amrap:

6 Muscle ups – Scale to 6 Ring Rows, 6 Push Ups
11 Thrusters 52.5k/35k

rest 5 mins

7 minute amrap:

20 Double Unders
5 HSPU / 10 Push ups

Gymnastic Finisher

3 x 5 Strict Pull ups/Chest to bar/Ring rows/Negatives

All movements to be done strict. Find a level of difficulty to make 3 x 5 reps a challenge.