Test week


Test week marks the end of the current programming cycle.  We will be spending this weeks weightlifting sessions taking a run up to your max on each lift.

If you have been attending these weightlifting sessions consistently, this is a chance to see where you have improved and take some PB attempts.

If you are just starting out and have been working on technical drills this is your opportunity to put some weight on the bar and see where you can get to.

Working up to a max will expose weaknesses in your technique and will give you a focus for the next cycle of programming.  It is for this reason that we don’t max out regularly – at the limit of your lifts technique breaks down and the last thing we want to do is drill bad habits and reinforce poor technique.

So, make the most of this week – snatching today and clean and jerk will be on Thursday.  If you miss one of the days or want another crack at the lifts you will be able to attempt either in Sunday’s class.