The Open is Coming


The biggest event in a CrossFitter’s calendar is now only 2 days away!  If you are entered for the CrossFit Open take the opportunity to deload before hitting 15.1 in Friday’s class.  Focus on quality of movement and getting some coaching on movements which you struggle with and are likely to come up.

You are not going to make any significant fitness gains before Friday so approach the metcons sensibly, get a good stimulus but don’t smash yourself to pieces.  Check with your coach for scaling options if you are tapering down towards Friday.

If you have any niggles or tight spots use the next two days to really hit them – there are foam rollers, lacrosse balls and plenty of bands at the box.  Ask your coach for help if you need any assistance with mobility exercises.

In addition, get plenty of rest, make sure you are keeping well hydrated and try to eat clean unprocessed food.  Marginal gains – every little helps!

Approaching the Open workouts is slightly different to a normal training session.  There are strategies that can help you achieve your best score.  See coach Scott for advice once 15.1 has been released.

Watch how measured Scott is with Amanda – this was one of last year’s master’s qualifiers.


Push Press


Warm up two sets then build to a heavy 2 reps.

Bent Over Rows


Maintain strict no torso movement. Slow up slow down.

12 minute amrap:

5 Power Cleans 65/42.5k
10 Toes to bar
15 Wall Balls 9/6k