ICON challenge WOD1


Ring Dips – 5 x Max reps
superset with
Strict Pull Ups – 5 x Max reps

If you don’t have ring dips or strict pull ups sub with push ups/box push ups for ring dips or negative pull ups/ring rows.


ICON online challenge workout week 1:

Amrap in 17 minutes:

3 Wall Balls, 3 Deadlifts 70/40k, 3 Air Squat Bar hops
6 Wall Balls, 6 Deadlifts 70-40k, 6 Air Squat Bar hops
9 Wall Balls, 9 Deadlifts 70-40k, 9 Air Squat Bar hops
12 of each…….
15 of each and so on until time runs out.


Handstand practice